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Syncing with YouTube

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2015 04:55PM EDT
All of the captioning and translation work needs to be done within the Dotsub system. So the first thing to do is to upload your video to Dotsub. Once that is done you can ‘Push’ your video to YouTube or if you have already independently uploaded the video to YouTube you can ‘Match’ it, i.e. synchronize your Dotsub captions to your YouTube video.

Once you have uploaded your video to Dotsub and done your first round of captioning, transcribing the video into its native language, the next thing to do is to get your video ready to publish from Dotsub to YouTube.

The way to do this is found on the video page under ‘Publish Video’.


Publishing to YouTube

Clicking on  ‘Publish Video to my YouTube Account’ will present you with two options. The first option is ‘YouTube Push’ and will send your video with its captions and subtitles to YouTube, the second option is to ‘match’ the video on YouTube.

YouTube ‘Push’

This is simply uploading the video from Dotsub, where you have been working on the transcription and translation directly to your YouTube account. This will , of course, also send all of your captions done so far to YouTube. This is the first step in the YouTube integration. Once the initial push has been done  you can update any existing captions or translations or add new ones by syncing subsequent work (see updates and changes).

If you have not authorized your YouTube account before, you will be asked. The video will have to be ingested into YouTube which may take a while depending on the size of the video.

YouTube Video ‘Match’

If you have uploaded your video directly to YouTube, we offer the ability to ‘match’ a Dotsub video to its YouTube counterpart. This feature will only send the captions and translations to YouTube. If you uploaded your video to YouTube independently, then you must make sure that the Dotsub version is exactly the same as the YouTube version.

After pressing ‘YouTube Match’, you will be given a listing of the videos in your YouTube account. Once you have found the copy of this video in your YouTube videos, just hit ‘Select’. Dotsub will send the captions and translations to this YouTube video.

Updates and Changes

Once a video is pushed or matched to YouTube future changes in the captions can be sent to YouTube. This is again done under ‘Publish Video’. Hitting ‘Sync Captions to Video on YouTube’ will update the video with the latest captions and translations from Dotsub.

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