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Last Updated: Apr 13, 2017 09:32AM EDT
This document will help you answer some of the most commonly received questions about the use of Workflow.

Where do I find the jobs?

Log in to Upwork.com and, from the main page, simply click Jobs > Workflow at the upper part of your screen:

I clicked on Workflow, but there are no queues. What should I do?

Contact projman@dotsub.com and request your language pair to be added.
Please note that, at the moment, we are mainly adding language pairs with English as one of the languages involved.
Less frequent language pairs will be added as they are needed, and our team will reach out to the resources for specific projects, so don't be surprised if you don't see a Klingon > Dothraki queue just yet!

Will I get a notification when jobs are uploaded?

Workflow offers automated notifications whenever a new job is posted to a queue you're part of.
Please note that tasks are claimed rather quickly, so it is recommended that you log in as soon as you receive this notification to claim one or more tasks.

I see the queues and tasks available on the main dashboard but, when I open them, there's nothing inside.

The main Workflow dashboard shows how many tasks have been uploaded by our team at the moment, regardless of whether they are available for claiming or already taken.
When you open the specific queue, you will be presented with a list of the tasks that are still available for you to claim.
Note that, if you are on the page and you see a task, but the button becomes grayed out, it has just been claimed.

I claimed (opened) a task, but I can't find the video, where is it?

Once you claim a task, you will find the video link within it.
It is important that you click on that link to auto-assign the video to you. You will notice that, after claiming a video, the notification e-mail is sent out and the video will appear on your Dashboard.
You can then proceed to caption/translate as usual and, once the job is complete, click on 'Submit' on the task page.

I just claimed a task, what should I do next?

Clicking Claim on any task already ensures you're the only one with access to it.
You can review the terms and specifications of the job before clicking the auto-assign link mentioned above.
  • If you are ready to start the job, click on the link.
  • If you want to keep the task claimed but not start just yet, you can close out the browser and pick up later on — The task will not be unclaimed by closing the window.
  • If you decide to pass on this job, click 'Release Task'

Important: if you have already clicked on the auto-assign but decide to release the task, please contact projman@dotsub.com so that we un-assign the video.

I clicked on the auto-assign link, but I get error an message.
What is going on?

Error messages appear most commonly due to one of the following reasons:
  • The task was claimed and then released, but the previous 'owner' clicked on the video link (see previous question) — Contact projman@dotsub.com and be sure to include the name of the task you are trying to claim.
  • The job is a review and you were the translator — This is a system limitation so the same resource does not translate and review their own translation. Please release the review task.

How will I get paid for work completed via Workflow?
Should I submit a payment request via chat room?

No need for that. One of the beauties of Workflow is that it reduces the need for back and forth communications just to request payments for completed jobs.
Our team periodically checks on tasks submitted and process their payment within 10 days of their completion.
So, just be sure to click 'Submit' on the task to let us know the job is ready to be paid (hence the importance of not submitting the task before you completed the actual job).

I'm all set on Workflow, but I still get the occassional job posting invite.
What's the deal with that and how are those payments processed?

As great as Workflow is, some jobs still present a challenge to be posted using the new channel (ie, document translation, jobs without a definite volume, etc).
This means that, exceptionally, some jobs will be posted the old fashion way and you will receive the usual invite for these.

Regarding their payments, you can follow the steps outlined on this document.

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