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Placing Orders

Last Updated: Apr 20, 2018 05:22PM EDT
You can submit orders directly from your project area on Dotsub.

To do so, simply log in to dotsub.com > Menu > My Projects and open up your Dashboard.
From there, follow these steps:

A. Click on the Orders tab.

B. Click on the + sign at the upper right-hand corner to create a new order.

C. Select the videos that need to be worked on.

D. Click on either of the following options:

  1. Captions: Subtitles in the source language of the video
  2. Translations: Into one or more target languages — Simply type in the target language(s) you need and press Tab on your key board to confirm.
    Note that, for translations to be created, the video needs to be captioned in its source language first.

  3. Reviews: If, after translations, you would need a second set of eyes reviewing and correcting your translations for an even deeper layer of quality assurance.
  4. Files: We offer the ability to burn-in your subtitles into the image, delivering MP4/M4V files.
    M4V can include multiple languages in a single file, while MP4 needs a separate file for each language and the subtitles cannot be disabled/hidden.

  5. Set subtitle specifications: You can modify the default style for your captions/translations, choosing among different elements to personalize the output.
    You can see our different styles on this document.
    You can use the Notes section here to paste a link to a script (if needed/available), and specify whether this needs to be followed verbatim or just used as reference.

  6. Order Notes: You can use this field to add relevant information such as a purchase order number, additional comments for our Production team, etc.

E. Once you have selected the type of work needed for your files, the items will show-up at the bottom part of your order.

F. Save the order and a confirmation box will show a recap to place your order.

Once the order is confirmed, it will be automatically sent to our Production team, and we will assign it internally.

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