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How to Submit a Payment Request on Upwork

Last Updated: Jun 17, 2019 02:59PM EDT
Submitting a payment request for a completed job or a series of completed jobs is as easy as submitting the links to each job via a specific chat room.

We recommend this task to be completed regularly before every Friday so that the payments are all processed at once by our Upwork Manager, helping process payments in a faster way as well.


  • Go to Message Center. Click on the plus sign to create a new room.
  • Add Elina Oriti and/or Natalia Lelli as a participant and name the room "Payment Request for Complete Jobs"
  • In the message, send contract URLs and/or contract title for which the job is complete by Friday UTC EOD.
  • Payments will be processed by Elina or Natalia, from our Accounting department, within 15-20 days of submitted the request.
  • End the contract upon receipt of payment.

Common Questions:
  • My job is set to hourly, how will it be paid?
    Our Accounting Team releases the funds based on the number of minutes and rate specified on the Job Title and Description - This ensures that, even if the hourly rate is set to $0.00, you will still receive the proper payment for your minutes/rate.
  • When will my job be paid?
    Jobs are paid within 15-20 days of submitted via chat room.
  • My job has not yet been paid, what should I do?
    If less than 3 weeks have passed since you submitted your payment request as instructed above, please allow enough time for the Administrator to release the funds.
    If more than 3 weeks have passed, contact projman@dotsub.com, including a link to your chat room so that this can be checked and escalated as needed.

  • What do I do if I cannot add the user Elina Oriti or Natalia Lelli to my chat room?
    Contact projman@dotsub.com and be sure to include the link to your chat room.
    One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible, and ask you to add him/her to the room, and we will then add Elina and natalia for you.

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