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Crediting translators

Mark Davess Aug 22, 2015 06:51AM EDT

I admit I asked you about this before, but a good few years ago. I have even less ability to understand this oversight after the answers (promises) I got then and all the time that has passed. But that this could have been the case in the first place even is remarkable to me, because you're missing the main thing that would encourage far more volunteer translations. It's the very reason I have translated nothing on your site since the one I translated when I first jooined all those years ago (here it is, my English translation - https://dotsub.com/view/cfc7a748-04c7-4e1f-834a-51e977274aba ).

You don't credit translators. This is only asking credit. Volunteers already do it for you for free, but you don't even credit them. With the video info I would expect something that accredits each translation to its corresponding translator, and in my account I would expect some section that collected together the videos I've done translations for. Probably the link to the translator from the video page would go to that collection. It could just be a list of translators and language under each video, a link to "more translations by this user" that goes to that page. Additionally also marking the videos on the user page with what language they've translated it into, or grouping them by language, would be beneficial, though inessential, seeing as it would be visible from that list under each video. The page where the users translations are collected should be linkable and publically accessible via that link, so they can give people the links and show off their work, meaning they might do translations for you in order to showcase their abilities to help them also find paid jobs.

It's hard for me to believe this is difficult to implement, or that it is anything less than the bare minimum that shouldn't even be requested, in order to thank the translators for the free work they do for you. You've implemented other things since I first brought this up, but not this. It feels kind of insulting, but also it just seems foolish. What other way are you going to really encourage voluteer translations?

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Clara Garcia Sep 07, 2015 10:15AM EDT Dotsub Project Manager

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the feedback. Dotsub does not recruit volunteer translators; the community site is open to the public – the videos you see there are not uploaded by Dotsub nor are managed by Dotsub. This is a tool we provide for free to video creators, translators and general audience to make use of.

We will consider the idea of searching for translations made by a specific user for future releases, but again, these are translations the community requests – not Dotsub.

Regards and thanks for the suggestion,

Dotsub Support

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